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NEW! - In addition to our much loved program below we have just launched an e-course version of The Power of Calm, designed for the 'continuing education' of Health and Fitness professionals. For more information click here

Compact Health Pvt Ltd

The Power of Calm project is a flagship initiative of Compact Health Pty Ltd, a company dedicated to improving the health and well being of ordinary people.

Together, we are entering a new millennium brimming with new knowledge and discovery.

We are blessed with unprecedented access to information, some of it capable of improving, even transforming our lives.   The danger is, that advances in science and medicine are so prolific , that valuable insights become obscured in a sea of competing ideas and perspectives.

  • Our Mission – is to navigate this ocean of information, to bring a unique and informed 21st century perspective to health and wellbeing.
  • Our Goal – is to bring science and common sense together, making cutting edge health education accessible and relevant to everyone.
  • Our Dream – is to inspire you to reach a little further… to take small but deliberate steps towards your own goals of health and happiness.

Why Power of Calm?

There are few health issues that reach more broadly and deeply into our modern lives than that of chronic stress. There is no system in the human body that is unaffected by it, and no person immune to its reach.

Chronic stress is a serious health issue that is well understood and broadly experienced… yet, too often, simply ignored. There is much to gain from a better understanding of this common condition and how it can be managed in a simple and effective way.

  • What is Stress?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How can you address it?

The answers to these questions are interesting, enlightening… even profound.

Welcome to the Power of Calm website, an introduction to our 21st century stress reduction program.