In recognition of the extremely challenging times our community is facing, and the incredible work you do... THE POWER OF CALM APP (FULL VERSION) is now available to Nurses, Midwives and those in your care for free.

Now let's turn theory... into practice!

Reduce your stress with the power of simple science. Download the Power of Calm app today.

A New Skill For Life

The app will teach you a powerful technique that can help add more calm, clarity and balance to the mix every day.

Improve Health & Performance

The app has been shown to help reduce stress symptoms in general and increase calm and focus by up to 50%*

*Results measured in a study done at one of the world's largest financial corporations in 2016

Revision of the Basics

You can review the basics of what you learned in the Theory component of the Power of Calm course anytime by watching the 3 Basics Series videos. If you have recently completed this course there is no need to engage with the Basics Series again. Skip straight through to the Relaxation Exercises and the 14-Day Program!

Learn how to the 'flip the switch' from stressed to calm

We each have the innate ability to guide our minds from 'stressed'... to a calmer state in a simple, scientific way. The app can teach you how to do this with a set of guided exercises ranging between 2 and 20 minutes long.

Make 'Calm' a new habit in just 2 weeks.

In just a few minutes a day over two-weeks, the app's guided 14-Day Program will help turn your new skills and perspectives into a powerful habit. Daily support tips, a page to track your progress, and a cool 'buddy' feature are included to help you change your relationship with stress!

Before you go ahead and download the app... Here's a Special offer for ANMF Members

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1. Supporting e-book and checklist to help you get the most out of the app-based 14-day program. It includes expert tips and program diaries to ensure you embrace the '3-pillars' of stress reduction.

2. Stress Survey to help you identify when stress may be an issue for either you or those in your care. (The survey is a general aid not a formal diagnostic tool)

Download the Power of Calm app here:

Available on iOS and Android

What are the experts saying?

“The power of calm is an excellent program. It is a well designed, easily accessible tool for stress management. I use it personally and recommend it to my patients.”

Jordana Rockman is a medical doctor in general practice

Dr Jordana Rockman

Ward Brady is Professor Emeritus – Biological Sciences, Arizona State University

Ward Brady PhD

“…Changing the way you think about and deal with stress can be life changing. The Power of Calm is an invaluable resource towards achieving this goal.”

Sandra Thebaud is a Psychologist, former Lieutenant Commander and consultant to the U.S Navy Marine Corps’ Special Forces Group, a fellow and board member of the American Institute of Stress

Sandra Thebaud PhD

“…The Power of Calm program provides you with some simple and effective strategies and tools to set you on the path towards a calmer, more centered you.”

The Power of Calm app ("The App") is an educational tool only and is not a medical intervention. You should consult your doctor before changing any treatments or medications you are currently using. The App's use is subject to Terms and Conditions which you should read before downloading The App. Terms and Conditions