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Guided 14 day stress reduction program

Introduced by Dr. Sandra Thebaud – PhD Psychologist

Having engaged with this module, you now have a better under- standing of stress and the profound effects it can have on your mental and physical functioning.

The good news is that there are some very simple yet effective things you can do to alleviate the symptoms of your stress as well as the amount of time you spend in a stressed state.

If you combine your newfound knowledge and appreciation of stress with a set of strategies and tools to reduce your stress, you can make a real difference in your life.

This 14-Day Program can provide you with some simple and effective strategies and tools to set you on the path towards a calmer, more centered you.

If you feel you need further assistance taking into regard your own individual circumstances, please consider reaching out to your qualified health practitioner.

Sandra Thebaud Ph.D.

Dr. Thebaud is a former Lieutenant Commander and consultant to the U.S Navy Marine Corps’ Special Forces Group, a fellow and board member of the American Institute of Stress, author and founder of Stress Intel.


We know it can be difficult to get started on a new initiative, so this 14-Day program will provide the structure to help you on your way.

The Address Stress relaxation exercises form the centrepiece of the 14-Day Program, but it is actually comprised of 3 powerful pillars:

1. Stress Awareness

  • After reading this module, you are more aware than most of the signs and symptoms of the stress response.
  • The programs are designed to help you reflect on what causes you to respond in a stressful way, and the physical symptoms that signal your stress may need attending to.
  • 2. Stress Release

  • A series of Address Stress relaxation exercises designed to help you access moments of calm throughout the day.
  • 3. Stress Minimisation

  • The program will encourage you to consider a range of common but effective stress management strategies on a daily basis.
  • These general strategies are recommended by experts in the field to help minimise the opportunity for stress to take hold in the first place.

    The 14-Day Program is focused on addressing the three major stress management pillars on a daily basis.

    There are three programs for you to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced. Choose a program in line with your experience with relaxation exercises in general. A simple daily check list will help you to monitor your progress and keep you on track in relation to each stress management pillar.

    1. Be stress aware

  • Consider what caused you to be stressed each day.
  • Identify the moments in the day when your stress response was more of a hindrance than a help.
  • Identify the physical symptoms that your stress creates.
  • 2. Release your stress

  • The Address Stress relaxation exercises are designed to calm your mind and settle your body.
  • Each day your chosen program will suggest a set of relax- ation exercises for you to do at different times of the day.
  • Generally speaking, there will be at least a morning exercise and an evening relaxation exercise to do.
  • These relaxation exercises are either 10, 15 or 20 minutes in length (depending on which program you choose).
  • Each program will also suggest you do a couple of 2 minute ‘quick relax’ exercises, called Pressure Valves, as needed during the day. You may be surprised at how effectively you can nip a stress response in the bud with a bit of practice.
  • The daily check list allows you to record your experiences with the relaxation exercises and gives you some hints to help you get the most out of each session.
  • 3. Minimise your stress

  • The program will point you to a list of stress management strategies that may help minimise the opportunities for you to get stressed each day.
  • These strategies or considerations are general in nature and have been sourced from experts in the field.
  • The purpose of these strategies is to gently encourage you to consider which factors within your control may contribute to your stress.
  • Perhaps the way you perceive, or characterise particular challenges may be unhelpful.
  • Maybe certain learned behaviours are creating moments of unnecessary friction in your day.
  • The daily checklist (see next page) will allow you to reflect on how well you did in addressing ten particular considerations.
  • Give your self a score from 0-10 in relation to each item so you can monitor your progress from day to day.
  • It is important to remember that these 14-Day Programs are general in nature and do not take into account personal circumstances.


    Whether you are new to this type of thing, or an old hand, the programs are designed to bring the benefits of ‘less stress’ to you in a simple and time efficient way.

  • Beginners Program: May suit those who are relatively new to relaxation exercises.
  • Intermediate Program: May suit those who’ve completed the Beginners Program or have a degree of experience with relaxation exercises.
  • Experienced Program : May suit those who’ve completed the Intermediate Program or have more experience doing relaxation exercises.
  • Generally speaking, the more advanced programs, incorporate relaxation exercises that are longer in duration.

    The Beginners Program is usually a good place to start.

    The programs are designed to follow on from one another, so feel free to work your way sequentially through them all if you enjoy a structured approach to things.

    To start the program, all you need are the two support tools listed below.

    1. The Address Stress relaxation exercises

  • The easiest way to access the exercises needed to follow the program is via the Address Stress app as described in module 5.
  • Setting up the 14 Day Program is simple. Feel free to go directly to the app and select 14 Day Program from the main menu. The app will guide you through the set up process in just a few minutes.
  • If you prefer, a detailed explanation of how to use the app to follow your 14-Day Program can be found in the Appendix at the end of this module.
  • 2. The ‘3-Pillar’ Daily Checklist

  • The ‘3-Pillar’ daily checklist is designed to help you monitor your progress in being aware of, releasing and minimising your stress each day.
  • All the programs use the same daily checklists, a copy of which can be downloaded here.
  • You are almost ready to get started! But first, a final, very important, tip before you begin.


    One of the strengths of the 14-Day Program is its efficiency. In around 30 minutes a day, for two short weeks, you can learn a valuable skill, one with the potential to support your health and wellbeing for years to come.

    That being said, we live in a busy world… and there will be times in the next 14 days when you think:

    “I just don’t have time to fit in my relaxation exercises”.

    When this happens please remember this:

    These are EXACTLY the times you need them the most!

    A little planning and creativity will go a long way towards ensuring you follow through successfully with this program.

    The tasrcble below will give you some ideas to help fit your exercises into a busy schedule.

    Take a moment to select the strategies you think will work best for you. Most people find that, once they make the exercises a habit, they actually have more time in the day rather than less.

    That, is the ‘Power of Calm.’

    You are now ready to go the the 14-Day Program section of your app and start your program! Set up is easy, the app will guide you. However, if you prefer, the appendix that follows will guide you step by step