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Simple, scientifically based stress reduction protocols




Before we get you started on the app, let’s just recap.

By this stage in the module, you know WHAT stress is, WHY it’s so important to address, and HOW to go about doing so. Now it’s time to put this valuable knowledge into practice.

In module 3, we introduced you to a range of relaxation protocols that you may wish to explore in your own time. However, we do know how busy life can be so we’ve worked with some inspiring folks over the last 5 years to create a simple, powerful set of relaxation exercises that combines, in our opinion, the most powerful elements of them all.

The result is the Address Stress set of exercises and we are very proud of the extra calm and clarity they have brought to so many over the last few years.

The Address Stress Exercise is:


1. Based on scientific principles

2. Easy to do anywhere

3. Useful in reducing the symptoms of stress

We’ve drawn on the broad experience of leading academics, physicians and practitioners in the field to help create a simple but powerful relaxation exercise.

There is no ‘secret technology’ involved, no ambitious goals of enlightenment or any requirement to relinquish your worldly possessions.

The exercise is simply a powerful tool designed to help calm your mind and relax your body. The beauty and effectiveness of the Address Stress exercise lies in its simplicity.

  • Relaxing resonant sounds to calm the mind
  • A breathing guide to bring you to a state of balance and focus
  • A period of silence to take back with you into your day

Under the right conditions, flicking off the stress switch is something the human body has the built-in ability to do. An effective way to do this is to simply calm the mind.

Simple? You many be thinking. Ha! That’s easy for us to say!

Well, in fact it is simple.

It’s not always easy at first, but it is rather straightforward. The key is to draw your mind gently away from the things it’s fussing over and towards a ‘focus’ that requires little or no thought – a soothing sound or your breath, for example.

Eventually your mind may come to prefer this peaceful focus in place of less enticing activities, such as running through the shopping list for the fifth time since breakfast.

Once pleasantly distracted, the mind may soon let go of these unnecessary thoughts, and just like that, if only for a moment, there is stillness.

In this state, the brain calls off the alert, halts the stress reaction, and the body becomes calm and relaxed.

The Address Stress exercise can introduce these moments of calm and stillness into your daily routine.

They might be fleeting at first as your thoughts come and go, but the more you practice, the more frequent and extended these periods of calm and mental silence may become.

Before too long, you may find the calm persists not only during the exercises, but also into the rest of the day.

A clear mind and calm body is a powerful force for health and wellbeing.

The Address Stress exercises are as easy as 1-2-3.


  1. 1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and listen to the calming sounds.
  2. 2. Breathe comfortably along with the breath guide from when it fades in, until it fades out.
  3. 3. Trust that if you do these two simple things you’re doing it right!

The Address Stress exercises are available via the Address Stress app. Keep reading and we will show you how you can get started right away.




The Address Stress exercises are available via the Address Stress app. The app is available for most smart phones and tablets. It is supported on the Apple iOS platform and Android platform.






  • The Address Stress app is available from both the Apple App Store (Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc.) and the Google PlayTM Store.
  • Simply access the Apple App Store or Google PlayTM store on your device and search for: Address Stress
  • Download the app. The Address Stress app can easily be recognised by the following logo:



Educational module users have free access to the upgraded version of the Address Stress app. This can be accessed in the following way:

  • Press the Full Version Upgrade tab at the bottom of the main menu page.
  • Enter a valid email address into the box as instructed
  • Enter your serial number into the box as instructed.

Your Serial Number is: cphas2agen15

Your device will then automatically download the full version of the app giving you access to all the Address Stress exercises and programs.

If you need help at anytime while using the app, please look for the nearest Help button, which appears throughout the app as a question mark within a circle.

You’re now ready to start using your Address Stress app!




Once you’ve upgraded to the full version of the app, you will have access to the full Main Menu screen.

This screen allows you to engage with the app in three different ways:

Select your own Address Stress exercises to do anytime you like via this tab. Simply choose an exercise, select your preferred breath rate and you’re ready to go.

Use the app to guide you through the Power of Calm 14-Day program. Full instructions on how to set this up are included in module 5.

Let out some steam with a 2-minute ‘quick relax’ exercise called a Pressure Valve. You can use this, if safe, anytime you feel yourself getting stressed during the day.

The Address Stress app is simple. Please feel free to rely on the app to guide you through. However, if you prefer more detail, full instructions for the Address Stress app and its features it can be found in Appendix 1 at the end of this module.

You’re ready to go! Enjoy the app!