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Welcome to Day-1

We’re going to change the way you think about stress!… And show you that taking back control is more simple, and more scientific than you think.  Today’s session takes just 10 minutes, and you can start it now by clicking on the video below.

Tomorrow, on Day-2, we will go on to explain WHY your relationship with stress profoundly affects the way you feel, respond, perform and even look!  You will be amazed at how many of the  issues you are dealing with are either caused or exacerbated by stress.  The benefits of adding a little extra calm, clarity and balance to your day will quickly become crystal clear!


Now that you know what stress actually is, and what it was designed to do, please take the time today to ask yourself the following questions:

‘Is the situation causing me stress a threat to my physical safety?’

‘Is it a situation that requires a physical response that prepares me to defend myself or run for my life? Or… is it a ‘modern life’ challenge? … that would benefit from a calm, clear, and balanced response?’

The goal here is to start recognising when our brain, through bad habit, has us stuck in an exhausting ‘red alert’, defensive state … when what is called for is the exact the opposite mindset.

Catch you tomorrow for Day-2!

“The Power of Calm is and excellent program. It is a well designed, easily accessible tool for stress management. I use it personally and recommend it to my patients.

Dr. Jordana Rockman