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Welcome to Day-2

Today’s session is a real eye opener!  So many of the health and performance issues we deal with in the 21st century are, in some way, stress related. The way you sleep, digest, think, cope and even age… are just some of the things affected by the stress you carry. Today, in just 10 minutes, we are going to show you how to recognise when stress is working against you, and WHY learning how to control it better is such a powerful step towards good health and performance.  

OK… you now know WHAT stress actually is and WHY it matters so much to your health and performance. Tomorrow we are going to show you HOW each and every one of us possesses the ability to take better control over it in a simple, scientific and enjoyable way. You are NOT going to want to miss this.


You may have recognised a few relatable scenarios in today’s session. Stress can easily affect the way you feel and perform. Your homework for today is to be ‘Stress Aware’.  

  • If you feel your stomach growling ask yourself WHY you are unsettled.
  • If you are becoming defensive and impatient, check in to see if it is helping or hindering you to be that way.
  • If you have a craving for something fatty or sweet… is it because you have just been a little mentally ‘under the pump’? Does your body really need that extra energy… or is it being fooled by your stress response?

Being aware of how often your stress is limiting you from being at your best is the best possible inspiration to start doing something about it.

Catch you tomorrow for Day-3!

“…The Power of Calm Program provides you with some simple and effective strategies and tools to set you on the path towards a calmer, more centered you.”

Sandra Thebaud, PhD