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Welcome to Day-3

Great!  So you now know WHAT stress actually is… and WHY it matters so much to your health and performance.  We are now going to show you HOW you can do something about it in a simple, and highly effective way.  You see, learning how to control your stress doesn’t involve chanting at the sunrise, or giving up your worldly possessions!  All it involves is some simple science…well… and a little practice.  In just 20 minutes, we are going to help you discover a powerful skill that every one of us is capable of harnessing. You’re about to experience… The Power of Calm.

Now that you have watched the video above, click below to learn how to turn your knowledge into power.

“The Power of Calm has served our patients very well. They understand the negative effects of stress and are more equipped than ever in response to it.”

Dr. Michael Magwood