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NEW! - In addition to our much loved program below we have just launched an e-course version of The Power of Calm, designed for the 'continuing education' of Health and Fitness professionals. For more information click here




Welcome to The Power of Calm


Congratulations on taking a big step towards better health wellbeing and performance.  This Basics Series will only take a few minutes of your time each day (for the next three days).  It will change the way you think about stress… and show you how you can control it better in a simple, scientific and effective way!


Day-1 only takes 10 minutes and you can start right now by clicking the ‘Start Now’ button below. After this short session you will NEVER see stress in the same way again!  Once you have completed Day-1 the next session will be unlocked the following morning.  We will send you an email reminder each morning as you progress.

If you’d prefer to start later, you can access the Basic Series anytime via the daily links we send to your email. If you’re not starting now, you can return to the Power of Calm home page to continue browsing by clicking the ‘HOME’ button.


“As a driven entrepreneur, CEO and coach to many successful health and fitness business owners across the world… I see the negative effects of stress taking their toll on too many every single day. That’s why I’m in full support of the Power of Calm program. It will give you strategies and education to perform at your best for yourself and others… Don’t delay… Get on it!”

Sean Greeley